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Eat better, less and healthier!

by Federico Marinelli, Wednesday October 17th, 2018

We ask ourselves every day about the best diet to match our lifestyle.

A question that involves a thousand answers, based on the needs of each individual.

In our common vocabulary have entered new terms and concepts that up to 10 years ago almost nobody knew: basal metabolism, alkaline diet and antioxidants are now on everyone’s mouth!

To make things clear we contacted Giulia, an expert nutritionist, who explained to us first of all very clearly what does the word diet means: “in general it is defined as diet any feed regime, be it low or high in calories, regardless of the content of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutritional elements it may contain ”

We therefore abandon the idea of ​​diet as a punitive regime for those who follow it, the term only indicates what we usually eat on our tables. Once this point has been clarified, we come to the question of the questions, what is the best diet, or better: is there a better diet at all?

“Of course not, if we talk about a diet that is applicable indiscriminately to the entire population, the answer can only be negative, but if we want to give indications at a general level this can be done. Everyone should then adopt the directions, but adapting them depending their own health condition ”

Some examples?

“Generally speaking, as a nutritionist, I can recommend a diet that is measured in quantities, varies in the types of products (vegetables, meat, dairy products, carbohydrates …), constant and repetitive in the ways. I do not put a priori restrictions on what you eat, as long as you have a setting aimed at favoring fresh and seasonal food, in other words healthy foods, reducing processed foods to the least possible. Having said this, a tear to the rule is always allowed! ”

In conclusion, therefore, we would say that regardless of where we live and what lifestyle we have, the starting point for a better approach with the alimentation lies in a simple concept: eat better, less and healthier!

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