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Strawberry extra jam Armonia – No added sugars

by Federico Marinelli, Friday June 16th, 2017

PRODUCT:​ 100% hand made jam “made in Tuscany” with no added sugars

PRODUCTION SEASON: This jam flavor is produced from spring to autumn

FRUIT ORIGIN: ​ The strawberry used are 100% Italian

INGREDIENTS FOR 100g: Strawberry 163g, natural extracts

TASTE: Pure Stagioni’s strawberry jam has a sweet taste and an intense aroma. This fruit, besides being delicious, is also rich in vitamin C, A, B1, B2, organic acids and sugars.

FEATURES: The strength of Pure Stagioni jams and marmalades lies in being made with only the indispensable ingredients. The sugar-free line uses some natural extracts that help to preserve the product without changing the caloric and glycemic content of the fruit.

PAIRING: Strawberry jam is perfect with cheeses such as asiago, murazzano, robiola or combined with yogurt, lemon juice and philadelphia for an excellent cheesecake

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: KJ 272 KCAL 65, FAT 0,16g (of which saturated 0,01),  CARBOHYDRATES12g (of which sugars 11g), PROTEINS 1,14g, FIBERS 3,59g, SALT 0,03g

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