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Cocoa and chestnut cream

by Federico Marinelli, Wednesday June 14th, 2017

PRODUCT:​ 100% hand made spread “made in Tuscany”

PRODUCTION SEASON: This spreadable cream is produced during the autumn season: chestnut harvesting takes place from September to November.

FRUIT ORIGIN: ​ The chestnuts used are 100% Italian

INGREDIENTS FOR 100g: Chestnut 30g, cocoa, extra virgin olive oil, sugar

TASTE: Pure Stagioni’s cocoa and chestnut cream is characterized by its intense cocoa aroma and the sweetness of chestnut, a fruit that also contributes to its consistency with its pasty texture. Chestnuts are foods rich in fiber, with a high intake of carbohydrates, ideal for athletes and children.

FEATURES: Made with only natural ingredients of the highest quality, it stands out for not having lactose, gluten and other allergens. Dark brown in color and with a silky consistency, the Pure Stagacao cocoa and chestnut cream melts on the palate leaving a pleasant chestnut flavor.

PAIRING: This product is excellent to be consumed with bread or rusks, in the preparation of biscuits and tarts, as well as to garnish ice cream.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: KJ 1300 KCAL 312, FAT 16,4g (of which saturated 3,19),  CARBOHYDRATES 39g (of which sugars 31g), PROTEINS 2,28g, FIBERS 3,25g, SALT 0,02g

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    Monofetta 45gr / Luxury 200gr / Ho.Re.Ca. 800gr