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Orange marmalade

by Federico Marinelli, Wednesday June 14th, 2017

PRODUCT:​ 100% hand made fruit marmalades “made in Tuscany”

PRODUCTION SEASON: This jam is produced from the beginning of autumn until late spring, during the whole period of orange harvest.

FRUIT ORIGIN: ​ The fruits used for the orange marmalade are 100% Italian

INGREDIENTS FOR 100g: ​Orange 125g, sugar

TASTE: Pure Stagioni Orange marmalade has a sweet and slightly bitter taste, a characteristic contrast to citrus fruits. Oranges are extremely rich in vitamin C and A. Thanks to the large amount of vitamin C they contribute to the reconstruction of the collagen of the connective tissue favoring the strengthening of bones and teeth.

FEATURES: The strength of Pure Stagioni fruit preserves lies in being made with just two ingredients, fruit and sugar, no pectin or artificial preservatives. Fruit is the star, with a minimum percentage that does not fall below the 95%; sugar is added in the smallest amount necessary to ensure the preservation of the product.

PAIRING: Orange Marmalade lends itself to various uses, but the most classic and traditional is used for breakfast, on slices of toasted bread, accompanied by a good black tea so as to enhance the citrus aromas.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: KJ 836 KCAL 200, FAT 0,25g (of which saturated 0,01),  CARBOHYDRATES 48g (of which sugars 48g), PROTEINS 1,25g, FIBERS 2,5g, SALT 0,05g

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  • Formati disponibili / Available size :
    Monofetta 45gr / Luxury 200gr / Ho.Re.Ca 800gr
  • Varianti disponibili / Available assortments :
    Classica, Armonia
    Marmellata di Arance 200g