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The excellence of italian seasons in a can

Jams and marmalades

All of our products are available in 3 kind of format: SINGLE SLICE 45g, LUXURY 200g and the HO.RE.CA. edition 800g

Pure Stagioni, pure pleasure!

Our product range is characterized by a quantity of fruit ranging from 90g to 130g of fruit over 100g of finished product. A teaspoon of one of our jam is equivalent to about twice as much as any other product, double the fruit and double the pleasure!

Less (ingredients) is more!

Each harvest has its own personality and transparency is key to us. To produce our jams we basically use two ingredients: fruit and sugar. We carefully select the fruit during harvest to bring a truly natural product to your home, even out of season.

Honor to the seasonality

A tribute to the Seasons. Pure Stagioni produces and distributes only the best of Seasonal specialities: genuine products, made with passion and care to maintain the quality and enhance the taste, return to our tuscan tradition, when fruits and vegetables were handled with love and simply to preserve their freshness throughout the year.

Not only the Classics

Traditional jams and marmalades to savor the natural tastes we love, even out of season. This is how our Strawberry, Blueberry, Fig, Apricot, Blackberry, Red Currant, Lemon and Orange jams were ment.

In addition to this Pure Stagioni has also created a line to pair savoury: Spicy Tomato, Spicy Peach, Chili Pepper jam and Red Onion Jam.
Last but not least, comes the mouthwatering chestnut and cocoa cream spread.

fichi classica aperta

Excellence in a can

A high quality product needs to be preserved correctly. This is the reason we pack the jams and marmalades in cans. They are a Pure Stagioni exclusive, collectible and they also protect the contents from light.
They preserve the freshness, the taste and the aromas best, while waiting for the next harvest.

A full range moving with the times

Pure Stagioni products are attentive to everyone’s needs. This is why a new product linewe no added sugar has been developed, in parallel to the Classic line.

So Armonia emerge.


Full and complete range, keeping with the times, this is where the idea of a product without added sugar starts. The traditional sweetness and consistency of our jams are obtained with the addition of a mix of natural extracts of our creation. The peculiarity lies in the fact that this extract does not contain calories and does not increase the overall glycemic load of the product.

A full and complete range of products

14 different flavors, 3 different size available, 2 different variant and 2 gift box for a total count of more than 50 items.