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Armonia no added sugar

The latest extension to Pure Stagioni production

As all our products, also the Armonia line is characterized by being 100% natural, made only with fruit and a number of natural extracts that give it sweetness without calories and without increasing the glycemic load.

The mix of extracts used, makes it possible to obtain the sweetness necessary to a normal jam, while maintaining the preservation, without the use of pectins or different kind of sweeteners (grape juice, honey, saccharin, etc …) that would be anyway metabolized as sugar by our body.

This product is particularly suitable for those who have particular needs in terms of sugar intake.

Armonia is produced for the following fruits flavors: strawberry, figs, blueberry, apricot, red currant, blackberry and orange, in the Singleslice 45 gr and Convivial 200 gr.