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More fruit than anyone else, only two ingredients and no added pectins.

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Each single package is hand crafted with passion, on exclusive recipe

100% natural

Our jams are 100% natural, produced with our exclusive recipe with the only use of sugar and selected fresh fruits

Less is more

Each season has its own characteristics, which are reflected in the product in a unique way. This is the reason why we use just two ingredients: fruit and sugar.

Collectable products

Our jars are unique, just perfect for a special gift or to be reused when tha jam is over

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From the selection of fresh ingredients to the packaging, passing trough our exclusive recipe. Here are the secrets of Pure Stagioni’s top quality productions.


Enjoy our Jams in three different sizes!

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Who we are

Founded in 2014, Pure Stagioni produces in Florence top quality Jams, in an elegant, exclusive and iconic packaging.

Our mission

To produce and distribute high quality Jams. A conscious feeding is the first step towards a better life!

Why us

Amount of fruit always above 90%. The use of least sugar needed for preservation. No pectins, colouring and preservatives. A spoon of our jams is worth three spoons of any other competitor!

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“Eat better, eat healthy and eat consciously. Few ingredients, only top quality, combined with a technologically advanced processing. This is our secret.”