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Jam like caviar: the food concept of Pure Stagioni.

We all know it, we nibble it on rusks with the first coffee in the morning, between one yawn and another, we taste it by the spoonful when no one sees us (hopefully!) or we accompany it with the finest cheeses.

In short, the jam is the undisputed protagonist of our day , the sweet companion of breakfast - and not only - in Italy. FUL has dug as if at the bottom of certain jars we know, to take you to a different dimension of jam.
That of Pure Stagioni , a brand of food excellence born in Florence, but with a much more distant gaze.

We met Federico Marinelli , owner and first supporter of the company philosophy, to dust off the origins of the project and reveal a world of authentic goodness.

Federico tells us that the idea of ​​preserving the seasons in a jar – the explanatory claim of the product – was born in 2014, with the aim of combining a cross-generational tradition with cutting-edge packaging and technologies. Certainly because, if it is true that flavor is – or should be – the key factor in the food sector, the eye also wants its part, especially nowadays.

Federico says he is convinced of this:

I have always considered Italian food and wine products to be excellent, but often accompanied by mediocre packaging”.

In short, to affirm the quality of the product, appearance and shape cannot be overlooked, even to cross national borders, as well as Florentine ones. An ambitious project, which aims to position itself on the global market; as Italian gastronomic excellence, off course.

But what essentially characterizes the Pure Seasons ?

Jams of the highest quality, with the minimum number of possible ingredients – basically fruit and sugar. The production process is very particular in itself, different from that used by other companies in the sector: the fruit, purchased from carefully selected local suppliers, is frozen before use. This allows for a better finished product both from a gustatory and chromatic point of view as well as vitamins. Furthermore, cooking takes place with cutting-edge machinery, in a vacuum regime, at a temperature of about 75 degrees. The result? A natural concentration of the product - without the addition of pectin - which gives a full and rounded flavour, much more authentic than the alternatives on the market.

As Federico explains, in fact, his competitors use pectins to gel the quantity of water present in the fruit , in order to obtain a higher output at low cost, however diluting the flavor of the jam by far. Basically, a teaspoon of Pure Stagioni contains twice as much fruit as other products: in each jar, the average amount of fruit used varies from 90% to 110%. A record in terms of flavor , there is no doubt!

But the palate is not the only one to perceive the uniqueness of the Florentine brand: the packaging is anything but conventional and certainly does not go unnoticed on the shelves of jams and sweet creams. As you know, at FUL we are curious by nature: we couldn't help but delve into such an unconventional choice. But we only do it for the benefit of our readers…maybe.

Federico, for his part, can't wait to tell us about the philosophy behind the exclusive packaging: caviar is considered a high-end food by definition. Using the caviar jar to contain a jam communicates a message of quality and high level of the product . Furthermore, the dark container protects the product from sunlight, preserving its organoleptic characteristics.
In short, aesthetic virtuosity is combined with a need for product quality and conservation. One to one, ball in the center.
Dealing with gastronomic excellence, not everyone is satisfied with a single composition:
the Pure Seasons are available in three sweet lines, to satisfy a thousand shades of palates.
Different combinations, united by the quality of the raw materials and the passion for good things.

The Classica line is the original: lots of fruit and only the sugar necessary to ensure conservation - it contains about 50g for every 100g of finished product. In any case, it is not a question of added sugars but of sugars present overall in the product.

The Dolcissima line is a variant with a higher sugar content, around 10%. It is the ideal solution for those looking for a marked sensation of sweetness in jam.

Finally, the Armonia line , with no added sugars, has a low calorie and glycemic content. It was originally developed thinking of people with problems related to sugar intake, replaced here by natural extracts. Same sensation of sweetness, without any calorie intake.

As anticipated, however, jam is increasingly present on the Italian table, not only in moments of sweetness, indeed! Federico didn't miss the trend, creating a new line for savory combinations. Several factors converge in this choice: the need to diversify and the desire to extend the moment of consumption of a product such as jam, using the sweet to enhance the savoury.

I know you're wondering – we were immediately curious: out of such a vast range of excellences, which Pure Stagioni does the creator prefer?

Apricot, because it is sweet but with a touch of acidity; strawberry for the round and buttery flavor and, among the savory pairings, onions for the combination of sweet and savoury.
Is your mouth watering or a little peckish in your stomach? We believe it well… If you want to taste these Florentine excellences, sharpen your eyes in the best national gastronomic boutiques. Or buy from the comfort of home: on the foodcovery e-commerce as well as on the official website and e-shop

Enjoy your meal!

Elisa D'Agostino

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