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Why choose our jams?

More fruit than anyone else, without use of pectins, coloring agents and preservatives

The best marmalades in the world!

Our range is characterized by a quantity of fruit that varies from 90g to 130g of fruit per 100g of finished product.

A teaspoon of one of our jams equals about double that of any other product , double fruit and double pleasure!

albicocche tagliere

Just a few, but great ingredients.

Our jams are made up of only two ingredients: fruit and sugar.

We control the fruit from its harvest, to bring a natural and first choice even out of season.


Our classics and more

The classic flavors, the jams of our tradition so as not to miss the flavors we love even out of season.

Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Apricot, Fig, Red Currant, Lemon and Orange jams. Don't miss the gluttony of cocoa, combined with Tuscan chestnuts for an unrivaled spreadable cream.

Savory pairings

In addition we have developed a line perfect for savory pairings: Spicy Tomato Jam, Spicy Peach Jam, Chili Jam and Onion Jam.

A product range in step with the times.

Pure Stagioni products are attentive to the needs of all; this is why we have developed a line with no added sugar.

Complete range and in step with the times, starts from this idea a product with no added sugar. The classic sweetness and consistency of the jam are obtained thanks to a mix of natural extracts of our creation. Without additional intake neither of calories nor of glycemic load to the product!

Excellence in a can

Having a high quality product is not enough if not stored in the right way.
This is why we pack our products in exclusive, iconic and collectible containers, protected from light.

Conserving means keeping the characteristics of a product unaltered over time, and our solution offers an undisputed guarantee.