Confettura extra di Cipolle rosse e Foie Gras - Pure Stagioni

Red onion and Foie Gras extra jam

Summer this year was slow in coming, and it suggested an intriguing and cleverly contrasted idea: we placed the Pure Seasons red onion jam on a refined portion of foie gras pate. Result: a delicious taste experience that we guarantee will conquer the hearts of those who normally do not declare themselves great admirers of the aforementioned meat.

The intense and sweet and sour flavor of the Pure Seasons red onion jam envelops and attenuates the velvety butteriness of the foie gras, enhancing its flavour.
Federico Marinelli of Pure Stagioni, a great lover of foie gras, decided to tell the story behind the scenes of this dish with a photo - recipe that explains all the steps for making this delicacy: an appetizer at an important dinner or an informal aperitif.

The ingredients to prepare this quick dish are: foie gras pate, Pure Seasons red onion jam and anything else you want to use to prepare the dish. A real treat for the palate and for the eyes. To complete, we recommend the combination of a sweet wine with notes of honey, pineapple in syrup, almonds, candied citrus fruits and dried fruit.
A great chef's recipe for a refined touch to your summer dinners.
Good summer!

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