La nostra confettura extra di fragole sul mensile Gambero Rosso! - Pure Stagioni

Our extra strawberry jam on the monthly Gambero Rosso!

In February 2020, the prestigious Gambero Rosso magazine dedicated ample space to jams, in particular those of Strawberries.

We are very proud to see our Extra Strawberry Jam among the best. A recognition that drives us to continue in what we do.

Below is an extract from the complete article that you can find in the monthly on newsstands, edited by Mara Nocilla.

"Strawberry is the classic jam to spread on bread. Thanks to a pleasant fruit, sweet and sour, which brings everyone together. (...) We have compiled a ranking of strawberry compotes. A top ten 5 + 5 divided between the two types of preserves (extra jam and preserves ed), obtained from the blind tasting of 30 products."

Pure Seasons Extra Strawberry Jam:

"High percentage of fruit, 128 grams per 100 grams of finished product. (...) Only two ingredients (strawberries and white sugar) and innovative packaging, for a jam that looks more like a coulis, an elegant strawberry sauce with a nice color lively and with a silky structure, yielding and not very gelatinous.Even the nose, scented with undercooked strawberries, with citric notes and iodized memories, captures the senses.The taste is honest and clean, intense and persistent, the sweetness is balanced with salty returns , the aromas faithfully recall the small red fruits accompanied by the citric element. A jam to spread on bread and for creative uses in pastry."

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