More fruit then anyone else, without pectin, colorings and preservatives.

  • The best marmalade in the world!

    Our handcraft production is characterized by a quantity of fruit that varies from 90g to 130g of fruit for every 100g of finished product.

    A teaspoon of one of our jams or marmalades is equivalent to about double that of any other product, double fruit and double pleasure!

  • albicocche tagliere

    Few ingredients but good.

    Our jams are made up of only two ingredients: fruit and sugar.

    We control the fruit right from its harvest, using cutting edge technologies, to bring a natural and first quality product to the home pantries even out of season. 




The classic flavours, the jams of our tradition so as not to lose the flavors we love even out of season.

This is how Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Apricot, Fig, Redcurrant, Lemon and Orange jams are born. Then the delicacy of cocoa cannot be missing, combined with Tuscan chestnuts for a spreadable cream without equal. 



To these is added a line explicitly designed for daring savory combinations: Spicy Tomato Jam, Spicy Peach Jam, Chilli Pepper Jam and Onion Jam.

Perfect pairings for cheeses, roasted tartare and everything the imagination can suggest.



Pure Stagioni products are attentive to everyone's needs, which is why we have developed a line with no added sugar.

With less than 30Kcal per portion and reduced glycemic load.

A complete range in step with the times, a product with no added sugar starts from this idea. The classic sweetness and consistency of the jam are obtained thanks to a mix of natural extracts of our creation.



Give a sweet treat!

The perfect gourmet gift to amaze with flavour.

Elegant boxes, to give an emotion and the quality of the best artisan jams produced in Tuscany.

Choose the box and fill it with your favorite jams!


Some questions?

  • What is the difference between jam and marmalade?

    Jam is made with citrus fruits, jam with all other varieties of fruit. To be extra it must have at least 45% fruit, ours have at least double if not triple!

  • What is special about your jams?

    Very high fruit percentages, up to 130%. Without the use of pectins, dyes and preservatives. A teaspoon of our jams is worth twice as much as any other.

  • I am gluten intolerant, can I eat them?

    Certainly! Our jams do not contain gluten. They are made only with fruit and sugar (for the classic line, or sweeteners (for the no added sugar line).

  • I'm vegan, are they suitable for my diet?

    Of course, using only fruit and sugar, our products do not contain any elements of animal origin.

  • Do they contain pectins?

    We do not use pectins, dyes and nerve agents. Only lots of fruit and the minimum sugar necessary for conservation.

  • How can I pair them?

    Jams and preserves can be combined with cheeses, salami, meat or fish tartare. Visit our blog to see the recipes and suggested pairings.