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Strawberry Extra Jam - 200g

Strawberry Extra Jam - 200g

Strawberry Extra Jam - 200g

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PRODUCT: Strawberry Extra Jam - 45g

PRODUCTION PERIOD: This jam is produced from spring to autumn

ORIGIN OF THE FRUIT: The fruits used for the strawberry jam are 100% Italian

INGREDIENTS PER 100g: Strawberries 128g and sugar

FLAVOR: The Strawberry jam by Pure Stagioni has a sweet taste and an intense aroma. In addition to being delicious, this fruit is also rich in vitamins C, A, B1, B2, organic acids and sugars

SPECIAL FEATURES: Strength of jams and marmalade Pure Stagioni lies in being made with only 2 ingredients, fruit and sugar, no pectins or artificial preservatives.

The fruit is the master with a minimum percentage that it never drops below 95% and with the sugar added in the minimum quantity necessary to guarantee product conservation

PAIRING: The jam of strawberries is perfect in combination with asiago cheeses, murazzano, robiola or combined with yogurt, lemon juice and philadelphia for an excellent cheesecake

VALUES NUTRITIONAL: KJ 1042 KCAL 250, FAT 0.13g (of which saturated 0.01), CARBOHYDRATE 60g (of which sugars 60g), PROTEIN 0.9g, FIBER 2.8g, SALT 0.03g

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Iconic packaging, unique taste

It seems simple, but doing things well is never completely simple. Our jams contain lots of fruit and the minimum necessary sugar. Handcrafted in our laboratory, with the help of the most modern technologies.

100% made in italy