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Blackberry Extra Jam - 200g
Blackberry Extra Jam - 200g

Blackberry Extra Jam - 200g

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PRODUCT: Blackberry Extra Jam - 200g 

PRODUCTION PERIOD: This jam is produced during the summer season: blackberries are harvested from July to early September 

ORIGIN OF THE FRUIT: The fruits used for the blackberry extra jam are 100% Italian 

INGREDIENTS PER 100g: More 86g and sugar 

TASTE: Pure Stagioni blackberry jam has a round and sweet taste which makes it pleasant on the palate but also suitable for various preparations in the kitchen. The blackberry is a wild fruit that has great nutritional properties; in fact, it is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that prevent aging. It is also a natural adjuvant against water retention. 

SPECIAL FEATURES: The strength of jams and marmalades Pure Stagioni lies in being made with only 2 ingredients, fruit and sugar, no pectins or artificial preservatives. 

Fruit is the master with a minimum percentage that never drops below 95% and with sugar added in the minimum quantity necessary to guarantee product conservation 

PAIRING: The blackberry jam is ideal for preparing cakes, pies and pastries, but it is also perfect with yogurt and ice cream. It also lends itself to being paired with aged cheeses as the round taste helps to soften the sharpness of the seasoning. 

VALUES NUTRITIONAL: KJ 719 KCAL 171, FATS 0.35g (of which saturated 0.01), CARBOHYDRATES 40g (of which sugars 38g), PROTEINS 0.86g, FIBERS 5.19g, SALT 0.03g