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Spicy Peach Extra Jam - 200g

Spicy Peach Extra Jam - 200g

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PRODUCT: Spicy Peach Jam - 200g 

PRODUCTION PERIOD: This jam is produced during the summer season: the peaches are harvested from May to June. 

ORIGIN OF THE FRUIT: Peaches and chillies come from 100% Italian productions 

INGREDIENTS PER 100g: Peaches 76g , Red chili pepper, white sugar, wine vinegar 

SAPORE: The spicy jam of Peaches Pure Seasons is characterized by a sweet taste, slightly sour and pungent. Peaches are fruit rich in fiber and vitamins. They also have a regulating function of intestinal activity. 

SPECIAL FEATURES: The strength of this Pure Stagioni jam lies in being made with only 3 ingredients with no addition of artificial preservatives. Peaches and red chillies are subjected to quick cooking, so as to enhance the spicy taste 

ABBINAMENTO: The spicy peach jam from Pure Stagioni is suitable to accompany boiled meats, roasts and any dish that needs a sauce to dampen the fat and savory part of the dish. 

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: KJ 667 KCAL 159, FAT 0.15g (of which saturated 0.01), CARBOHYDRATE 38g (of which sugars 37g), PROTEIN 0.40g, FIBER 1.53g, SALT 0.03g

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