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Onion Jam - 200g
Onion Jam - 200g

Onion Jam - 200g

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PRODUCT: Preserve of Red Onions - 200g

PRODUCTION PERIOD: This preserve is produced at the end of the summer immediately after a period of ripening from the harvest in November until late May

ORIGIN OF THE FRUIT: The onion red is 100% Italian

INGREDIENTS PER 100g: Red onions (60%), sugar, wine vinegar

SAPORE: The jam of Red Onions by Pure Stagioni has a full-bodied consistency, has a very particular sweet and sour taste

SPECIAL FEATURES: The strength of this Pure Stagioni preserves lies in being made with only 3 ingredients and without artificial preservatives. The onion is subjected to a quick vacuum cooking, so as to maintain a very lively and bright color and its organoleptic qualities

PAIRING: The red onion preserve is perfect with aged cheeses, but also with boiled meat (white and red), a good idea could also be with fillets of tuna in oil, hummus of chickpeas and valerian

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: KJ 906 KCAL 216, FATS 0.20g (of which saturated 0.01), CARBOHYDRATES 51g (of which sugars 50g) , PROTEIN 1.34g, FIBER 1.8g, SALT 0.06g

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