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Cocoa and chestnut cream - 200g

Cocoa and chestnut cream - 200g

Cocoa and chestnut cream - 200g

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PRODUCT: Cocoa and Chestnut Spreadable Cream - 45g

PRODUCTION PERIOD: This spreadable cream is produced during the autumn season: chestnuts are harvested from September to November. 

ORIGIN OF THE FRUIT: The chestnuts used are 100% Italian

INGREDIENTS PER 100g: Chestnuts 30g, Cocoa, sugar, Extra virgin olive oil olive

SAPORE: The cocoa and chestnut cream Pure Stagioni is characterized by the intense aroma of cocoa and the sweetness of the chestnut, fruit that also contributes to the consistency with its pasty texture. Chestnuts are foods rich in fiber, with a high intake of carbohydrates, ideal for sportsmen and children. 

SPECIAL FEATURES: Made with only natural ingredients of the highest quality, it stands out for not having lactose, gluten and other allergens. With a dark brown color and a silky consistency, Pure Stagioni cocoa and chestnut cream melts on the palate leaving a pleasant chestnut flavor.

PAIRING: This product lends itself excellently to be consumed with bread or rusks, in the preparation of biscuits and tarts, as well as for garnishing ice creams. 

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: KJ 1300 KCAL 312, FAT 16.4g (of which saturated 3.19), CARBOHYDRATES 39g (of which sugars 31g), PROTEIN 2.28g, FIBER 3.25g, SALT 0.02g

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